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Andrew Dean Hyder

Professional Artist

Andrew Dean Hyder is a combination of artist, scientist and inventor. In fact, for Hyder, the line between technology and art seems to always have been blurred. Sculpting, mold making and paper casting was his thing when growing up. Gallery construction both offline and online, his art seems to be the result of an acute need to problem solve. Interestingly, some of his software engineering inventions have significantly impacted e-commerce and the evolution of the Internet.

As the author of two technical textbooks in the areas of finance and technology, a common thread is found throughout: "Technology is art, and art is a form of technology."

in 1999 Hyder founded Subjex Corporation (SBJX) a once publicly traded company, as well as a long list of technology platforms such as:

Subjex Word Engine
Art Class and a Wine Glass

Currently residing in central Florida, Hyder is an art marketing instructor for the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art in Historic Downtown Sanford Florida. Hyder teaches a hand selected group of artists how to become their own artist agent and expand into many galleries.

In addition to developing online marketing campaigns for some of the worlds most successful modern artists. Hyder's own fine art has been collected and exhibited throughout North America.

A world traveler, moved by a love of form captured in sculpture, he has studied ancient civilizations their art and architecture, the “technology” and methods used to express their genius. His travel experiences collected from such out of the way places as Yalta/Crème, Ukraine (an unsuspecting Art Mecca) and Vienna, Austria has heavily influenced his art.

Currently focused upon the century’s old art of Playing Cards, Hyder expresses his work, in bas-relief cast stone, challenging the viewer’s perception of depth. "Like canvas come to life, his art jumps out of the two and into the three dimensional."

"Being a painter and sculptor, for me is passion put on canvas, left in clay or stone." said Hyder. "My inspiration comes from nature, a nostalgic love of a simpler time, when the world lived more in balance with nature. This is kind of a dichotomy because of my love of technology. I guess you could say being an artist is my way of finding my own balance."

Mr. Hyder works with his...
Wife: Katya Hyder
Mother, a well known artist and teacher: Sharon Rae Hyder
and Sister, a well known artist and teacher: Lori Anne Harris
... at the Hyder Gallery.
Leading Camel to Yellow Sky


Manatee Mother and Son.

Whats in a Kiss


Cat Couple III

Portrait of a Young Male


Cats, Male and Female

Camels in the Desert Sun

Joker of Odds

The Dancers

The Tortured Soul

Camel in Moonlight

Portrait of a Brown Camel

Fools in Love

Victim and the Victimizer

Leading Camel to Yellow Sky (Original Sold)
Painting: Oil on Canvas

Figure of Man and Camel walking into horizon, in yellow, red and burnt orange.

Original Work:
Height 24" x Width 36"
Year Produced: 2005
Inventory ID AH_0008
This is an original work.
Showing: Sold (public)

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The interest of this work is the shadow play of the figures on the sand. The work tells a story, but what is it? Are they returning home, or just starting a distant journey?

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