Ariana  Fizudeen
Painting Photography Landscape
Ariana Fizudeen
Professional Artist

Born in Bronx, New York, Ariana Fizudeen is a professional fine art photographer that started taking photos after getting her first camera when she was 12 years old. Her father, a talented landscape photographer who died before she was born is clearly part of her inspiration. Fizudeen experiments with the moods of black and white landscape photography. Her work contains many noticeable contrasts, such as a black and white New York cityscape with contrasting yellow taxi cabs. Her work seems to convey emotion that viewers seem to connect with.

Fizudeen studied under Photographer Scott Hamsik, who specialized in design and composition technique. "I am currently expressing my love of contrast with a 'layering textures' technique to expose the differences that the lens produces. Double and triple exposures often produce beautiful and completely original images", said Ariana Fizudeen.

"Fizudeen's work is stark and compelling, this is why we show it in our gallery. Her work always invokes questions and interest from our collectors," said Andrew Hyder, Curator Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art - Orlando Florida.

Currently studying Art Education at the University of Central Florida Fizudeen is proficient in drawing, painting, photography, and enjoys exploring many mediums.

Fizudeen is currently expanding her gallery representation throughout Florida.
In Motion

In the Wind

Rabbit Hole




The Story

Untitled #1

In Motion
Photograph: Print on Archival Paper

Two photographs layered on top of one another.

Original Work:
Height 11" x Width 16" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID AF_0002
Limited Edition Available:  [ Details ]
Showing: All Galleries

Price:  $ 440.00   [ Buy it local ]
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"There is a light in you and it makes me never fear the darkness in me." -Tyler Knott Gregson This photograph was created by layering two photos together to enhance the dramatic mood. It mimics light fighting off the darkness.

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