Byron  Marshall
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Byron Marshall
illustrator and cartoonist

Byron Marshall is an illustrator and cartoonist with over 25 years experience. He has created original custom art for numerous businesses, magazines and state and local institutions. A graduate of Harvard University, he holds a degree in Computer Science. Byron Marshall is also the author/artist of "Skateboads," a newspaper comic strip and "The Woods In Winter," an illustrated children's book. His cartoon paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the South. He recently published an article on the lost instituition of the five and dime store in Macon Magazine. Among his current projects is a set of original illustrations for a book on the Southern writer, James Agee.
BayBerry Bunny and the Comet Carrot

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BayBerry Bunny and the Comet Carrot
Water Color and Ink.: 

BayBerry Bunny holding two items with pendant necklace

Original Work:
Height 14" x Width 11"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID BM_0010
This is an original work.
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