Christine  Mertin
Sculptor Sculpture Functional
Christine Mertin
Professional Artist

As a sculptor, painter, and lifelong equestrian, Christine Mertin's work is focused around the subject of the "Free Spirit"- finding inspiration in the untamed majesty of the horse, the transformational freedom of the butterfly and the visceral mystery of the sea.

The artist's connection with animals and nature is evident in her work across mediums, especially clay. Each one-of-a-kind piece captures the movement and essence of her subjects, and seems to possess an energy and will all its own. Her intricately textured designs and carvings reflect a unique combination of abstract impressionism, with ancient hand building techniques, creating a fully functioning work of art.

By combining her training as an artist, counselor, and animal behaviorist, Mertin's passion for helping people through art and animal therapy has flourished. While obtaining a Master's degree in counseling psychology, Christine began incorporating horses and art therapy in her work with trauma victims and veterans on a 4700 acre, working cattle ranch in Central Florida. The bravery and resilience of those survivors, coupled with the healing powers of working in nature with the Florida Cracker Horses, continue to inspire much of her sculpture and paintings.

She writes, "I have been fortunate enough to witness the life-changing effects of working with art and animals. Horses in particular are amazing creatures. They teach us so much about ourselves and show us a calm, gentle, yet powerful and majestic beauty that lives within us all. Animals live in the present moment, balanced, and in harmony with their environments. In the quiet space between human and animal, there is a connectivity that can bring profound inner peace and healing. My hope is to bring people closer to finding that connection through my work."

Mertin also went on to say, "I love feeling the clay move through my fingers as it is evolves into creation. As a clay artisan, I am an active observer; watching as the individual personality embedded in each piece reveals itself... and suddenly, the earth is transformed within my hands. I am honored to share my work with the world and hope that you will find meaning and inspiration with one or more of my pieces."

Originally from New York City, Mertin currently lives in Central Florida where she enjoys the warm outdoors, creating art and traveling with her family.

Equis In Motion Horse Bowl

Sangria in the Sun

Emergent Stallion

Majestic Freedom

Running Free Horse Vase

Entwined Light

Flowering Sea

Sea Horse Subtleties

Follow Your Dreams

Change Unfolding

Butterflies Unveiled

Untamed Spirit Platter

Brown Running Horse Vase

Sculptural teapot

Sea Turtle Luminary

Green Sea Turtle  Luminary

Sea Turtle Journey Luminary

Tridescence (Original Sold)
Functional Sculpture: Ceramic

Functional vase

Original Work:
Height 18" x Width 10" x Depth 7"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID CM_0016
This is an original work.
Showing: Sold (public)

Price:  $ 1,100.00   [ Buy it local ]
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Inspired by the flora of the sea, this piece seems to move while standing its ground in a sea of iridescent wonder.

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