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Gail Reeves was born July 1944 in Baltimore Maryland. My father was overseas in Italy and North Africa. He once wrote in a birthday card that I was special to him because if he didn't come home a piece of him would live on. In 1998 my family and moved to Oviedo, Florida.

I graduated from the Univ. of Md in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science degree. After teaching for 1 yr. in Baltimore County I came to Florida on a 27' sailboat. The trip down the Chesapeake Bay and Inland Waterway was a inspiring artist adventure, especially when you've never sailed before. We stayed in Titusville for a few months and then moved to Miami. I ended up living on a sailboat for 2-1/2 yrs. I got a teaching job and spent the next 31 years teaching science to middle school kids in the inner city. I loved my kids and my job. I even met my present husband at school. Our passion for the kids brought us together.

In 1990, my brother, his family, and my mother moved to Oviedo, Florida. I was encouraged to pursue the arts by my family. When the opportunity presented itself, I began to study with Penny Waid an amazing teacher of many fine art mediums. Penny is still my teacher after 13 years. She was/is a very patient, encouraging teacher. She never had any negative things to say but would always show you how to "make it better". She has become not just a teacher but also a friend. Penny is a member of The Society of Decorative Painters (a national organization) and has served as President of her local chapter in Orlando and chaired several committees within that chapter.

I also belong to The Society for Decorative Painters and belong to the local Titusville chapter. I have attended national conventions and taken seminars from nationally certified instructors of the SDP.

Many members of my family have artistic talent of some kind. There are china painters, wood crafters, poets, quilters, and crafters. I own a small tea set painted with roses by one of my great aunts. Perhaps that is where my love of painting roses and other flowers comes from.

I have painted on many surfaces - wood, tin, canvas, paper mache, and paper. I have painted with acrylics, water color, oil, and colored pencil. I have done folk art designs, landscapes, flowers and birds. Birds and flowers are the most pleasing to me. I hope to learn to work with oil pastels and to try Chinese water colors in the future.

This is what one artist said about my work: "Gail Reeves' art is beautiful. I especially admire Gail's meticulous brush strokes and her attention to detail which are evident in everything she produces. She also has an exceptional eye for presentation, choosing exactly the right mat, colors and the right frame every-time."
Songbirds in Blue

Reeves Mill


Calla Lilies

Songbirds in Blue
Painting: Acrylic on Mi Tientes Paper

A masterpiece in Tryptic.

Original Work:
Height 18" x Width 32"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID GR_0001
This is an original work.
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I love painting birds, flowers, and thecolor blue which is why I love this painting so much

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