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Jerry D. Martin
Fine Art Photographer

Born and raised in Filbert West Virginia, Jerry Martin's fine art photography have become a startlingly well received. At an early age Martin was fascinated with photography and would study any images he could find. As a child he would often spend hours going through old photo albums trying to determine what the photographer was thinking about when the picture was taken. At eight years old, Martin so determined to become a photographer, attempted to build his own camera using a cardboard box as the camera body and a magnifying glass as the lens. Although his attempts were unsuccessful a passion for photography was born.

At the age of fourteen Martin started working summer jobs to save up enough money to purchase a camera. He would put aside a little each pay day; and at the age of seventeen he purchased his first camera a Pentax K-1000.

To gain experience, Martin would often take pictures of family members, weddings and public events such as graduations. After several years Martin relocated to North Carolina and started working as a freelance portrait photographer. Within a few months, his work was discovered by a modeling agency who saw some of his works and offered him a full time job as a staff photographer. At that time, Martin also did a lot of freelance brand work for local businesses and newspapers.

In 2008 Martin and his family relocated to Central Florida. This is when his passion for landscape photography really came to life. While out walking one evening Martin saw a sunset that really opened his eyes. The scene was burnt red amber reflecting off the water with shades of yellow softly trickling across the black water. Martin's words were "Oh my God". This remarkable image has become one of his most popular and signature trademarks of his style. Noted on each limited edition work of this image is the following: "A sunset is a celebration of the end of a long day. It is the final light of the evening that sends us a variety of color which allows us to witness God's ability to paint the perfect picture."

With over thirty five years of experience in the various types of photography, Martin has become a uniquely talented and creative fine art photographer. His detail oriented approach to the production of his work, is as innovative as it is original.

Today, Martin's work can be found in fine art collections around the US, as his national gallery representation expands. His work is exceptionally well received by fine art collectors.
Oh My God

Lost in reflections

Oh My God
Photo: Print on Acid Free Paper

Early Morning Sunrise

Original Work:
Height 20" x Width 30"
Year Produced: Unknown
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The result of an early morning bicycle ride. I saw red in the sky and followed it. When I saw it, a said Oh my God, and took the shot.

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