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Kathy Woolington
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Since 1955, Kathy Woolington has had a brush in her hand. Her long and accomplished career has won her many awards as well as prestigious private and corporate commissions. As a Miami Florida born native, Kathy Woolington would watch her mother (an accomplished artist, and published author) paint canvas in oils. Recognizing Kathy's early passion for the arts, her mother began teaching her how to paint as a long awaited gift on her 5th birthday. As a child Kathy would proudly sell her paintings from door-to-door. After her family moved to Orlando Florida in 1960, she continued to pursue her artistic abilities, and in her High-school years Kathy, was selected for a prestigious art program. This is where she first learned how to paint in acrylics in abstract form. After 3 years in this program she then won an Honorable Mention award for a mixed-media elephant sculpture. This was in the 1969 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, and was also one of the first students to win an award in this prestigious show, as the judges felt that she, along with a few other students, needed to be recognized for their work that year. The next year, Kathy further honed her artistic skills in the College Arts program of Valencia Community College.

Talented, yet Kathy struggled to find her voice, and in the 1980's Kathy became an expert at more than a few mediums such as basket weaving, silk painting and silk floral arrangements, as well as an acrylic artist. Kathy was then selected to design the sets for the "Life Giver" musical put on by Calvary Assembly of God at the Tupperware Auditorium. In her 30's at this time, Kathy then focused on the Florida Fine Art Festival circuit. She won an Honorable Mention at the Goldenrod Art Festival and was increasingly being sought after as an art teacher.

Wanting to join in and be a part of the art community of St. Augustine Florida, Woolington moved there in 1991 and perfected her artistic skills during her over 12 years of residence in this ancient city. She focused specifically on pen/ink and watercolor scenes of the city's architecture as she then pursued a more "realistic" approach to her art. As her gallery representation increased, she then began working in colored pencil, graphite pencil, and creating 3D mosaics. This is when her now signature vivid impressionistic tropical style began to emerged, especially after making several trips down to the Florida Keys. Her love of the colors and scenes of the Keys and Key West took hold as it brought back memories of her childhood in Miami.

In 2003, being drawn to a warmer climate and tropical scenes to paint, Woolington moved back to the South Florida area and settled in Delray Beach. She continued making many more trips to the Florida Keys, and began taking photo studies of the plants, flowers and trees of the area as well as the many water scenes which inspired her to create the works she does today. When her father passed away in 2007, Kathy moved to Oviedo Florida to take care of her mother, where she currently creates her inspired work from memories and photos.

Kathy has been an active participant in painting several high-profile murals projects in the Orlando area. She is also an active member of the Palm Valley community in Oviedo in which she has participated for the last several years in the art shows they hold there in the spring. Winning several 1st, and 2nd place ribbons for her Acrylic paintings from 2011 to 2015, along with People's choice in 2011, 2013, & 2015. She has also won the Palm Valley Spring Art Show poster contest in 2011 and 2012 in which these paintings were featured on the Park's phone directories in 2012 and 2013.

"In a long and diverse art career, I have had the privilege of providing art to many people, and many of my works embellish the walls of homes and offices over the United States and Europe. Every painting is like taking a mental vacation." commented Woolington.
Jellyfish Parade

A Turtle

Sunset Celebration

Birds of Paradise

Beauty Under the Sea

The Quest to Survive.

Spoonbills and Ibis On River

Night Heron In A Magnolia

Eagles Along the Intercoastal

Night Heron and Water Lilies

Blue/Gold Macaw Among The Leaves

Rainbow Lori and Yellow Hibiscus


Scarlet Macaw

Sea Turtle in Mixed Media

Waterlilies in Mixed Media

Blue Butterflies Over A Field Of Yellow Daisies Mixed Media

Island Palms Mixed Media


Tropical Secret

The Caribbean Life

Paradise Found

Yellow Key West House

Key West Garden

Bromiliad on Banyan Tree

Yellow Hibiscus

Florida Blue Heron And Family

Jellyfish Parade
Painting: Acrylic on back stapled canvas

The inspiration for this painting came from an underwater photograph of a large group of Jellyfish. I wanted to take just a few of them and brighten the colors then put them up against the contrasting colors of blue and turquoise so that they really stand out. This painting was done only with my hands and fingers and a small paint brush was used to create the tendrils.

Original Work:
Height 36" x Width 24"
Year Produced: 2012
Inventory ID KW-A-0012
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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"Jellyfish spend their whole life just floating around the ocean currents without a care in the world, such a simple life envied by many a burdened soul" KW

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