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Linda Huff
Professional Artist

Linda showed signs of creativity at a very early age - when she was only 6 years old, Linda enjoyed cutting up her mother’s good clothes to make clothes for her doll. She also "helped" her mother by restringing some of her jewelry. She was influenced creatively by both her mother and grandmother - her grandmother would receive old clothes from her kids and grand-kids and use the clothes to make quilts for them.

As she grew up, Linda always loved Art and beautiful things. She began making her own clothes at an early age and later got into Quilting. All through her school years, Linda took as many Art classes as the school would allow. After graduation from high school, Linda attended Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, where she received her Bachelor's degree in Art Education in 1973. She took as many painting classes as she could and entered her first juried show during this time. The show was at the Galesburg Civic Art Center and her painting “Which Way to Nowhere” won the Purchase Prize. This was a painting Linda developed from one of her photographs she had taken of the square in downtown Macomb. She continued her love of painting and sold some of her paintings thru Galleries in central Illinois where she lived most of her life.

After graduating from college, Linda taught adult education classes in painting at Carl Sandburg College in Colchester, Illinois. She then went on to open an Arts and Crafts store and Gallery called the “Gallery Plus” in Farmington, Illinois. She also taught painting and macramé through her shop.

Along the way Linda, never lost her love of art or making beautiful things. In 2004, she was dabbling in making jewelry when she decided to enter a juried art show in Barrington, Illinois. At the time, Linda had only made five pieces of jewelry. But this turned out to be the start of a new love and obsession for Linda. She was accepted into the show and now had only 30 days to create enough jewelry to fill her booth at the show. Linda went on to be accepted into many top shows in the Chicago-land area over the next several years. Then in 2016, Linda moved from Illinois to Tavares, Florida, and then again more recently to Lake Mary, where she currently resides.

Linda’s jewelry is referred to by her customers as “Wearable Art". In the beginning she began with Stringing beads and as time went on developed her own styles of making jewelry.
Linda’s unique and colorful designs set them apart from other more traditional jewelry.

She uses a variety of materials including Sterling Silver, Silver Clay, Bali Silver Beads and findings, Gold filled beads, Swarovski Crystals, Glass beads and Lucite to create her jewelry.
Linda loves bright colors and this is reflected in her Flower jewelry. She creates each little flower by stacking Swarovski crystals, Bali Silver Bead caps and Lucite floor parts. She then wire-wraps each little flower charm onto the chain. She creates her fruit jewelry the same way.

Linda’s Silver Jewelry is made in the Viking knit weave style. This process is over 2000 years old. To create the tubular chain she uses 26 gauge wire which is woven by hand around a wooden down rod. It takes about an hour to create each 3/4” of chain. After the chain is created she then removes it from the dowel rod and pulls the chain thru a draw-plate which has 7 different size holes. This makes the woven tube longer and more flexible. Linda then adds bead caps to the ends and adds a clasp. The pendants are created from of Silver Clay and then fired to harden. They are 99.99% pure Silver. Anything in the clay that isn’t pure Silver will burn out during the firing process.

It is Linda’s hope that whoever purchases her jewelry will get as much happiness from wearing it as she does from making it.
Copper Watch

Viking Knit chain with Silver Pendant

Viking Knit Weave Necklace with Silver Pendan

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Arctic Sunrise Earrings

Long Crystal Earrings

Silver Butterfly Necklace

Green Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Fish Pendants

Flower Charm Bracelet

Viking Knit Copper Bracelet

Flower Charm Bracelet

Sea-side Charm Bracelet

Blue Cala Lily Earrings

Silver Flower Medallion

Flower Earrings

Cherry Bracelet

Florida Charm Bracelet

Flower Charm Bracelet

Blueberry Quartz Beaded Watch

Flower Charm Bracelet

Fruit Bracelet

Viking Knit Woven chain with Amber Pendant

Silver Bangle Bracelet

Elegant Beaded Bracelets

Copper Watch
Jewelry: Copper

A beautiful beaded Copper watch

Original Work:
Height 0" x Width 0"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID LH_0005
This is an original work.
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I created this Watch Bracelet from Copper beads which are attached in two rows. The watch face is set in a Copper frame. A toggle clasp makes it easy to get the watch on and off.

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