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Lorraine Dell Wood
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Wood began her career in the film industry as an artist. Her natural skill with color and ability to draw came effortless to her and brought her to Columbia's Animation paint lab and Paramount's George Pal Puppetoons in special effects and painting, while still a teenager. But an opportunity to create storyboards for a commercial film company launched her to many new artistic paths. Behind the scenes of the old Hollywood studio system was to be her new home.

The influence of Lorraine Dell Wood's life experience in early cartoon films and the production of some of the Old Hollywood studio system's finest major feature films brings a sense of humor with an aura of glamour and drama to her work.

Today, Wood prefers working "green" with casein paints, milk-based non-toxic materials of natural ingredients, similar to the medium used by medieval muralists, achieving rich and glowing colors without the byproducts present in oils and acrylics.

Wood also spent a few years under the direction of "Cabaro", a well known Portuguese art instructor who helped her work on composition and to explore abstract styles. These years profoundly influenced on her style and technique. Later, her extensive international travel added spice various cultures and depth to her paintings.

Her natural talent has combined many elements into a diversified range of work. Versatility and a youthful attitude are her trademarks in a style described as a stunning blend of graphic design with fine art technique.

"Lorraine Dell Wood's series of FLIRTY HAT paintings is a marriage of graphic design and fine art technique. As good as anything I have ever seen before, a unique style," said Laurence E. Fosgate in January, 2005, for over thirty years an artist, designer and instructor with his own studio in Winter Park, Florida.

As a member of the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences, Ms. Wood served on nine Blue Ribbon Emmy Awards panels. As a member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, since relocating from Southern California, Lorraine has had exhibitions in many Florida galleries and luxury hotels throughout Central Florida including Orlando Marriott Downtown, Westin Grand Bohemian, and Loew's Portofino Bay at Universal.

Sketching was an important means of expression for me as a child," said Ms. Wood. "My talents in the arts have brought me a lot of pleasure, and financial rewards. It brings me great joy when I feel I have succeeded in capturing an essence of these to share with others. I like to make people smile".

All of her friends and colleagues were in some form of the entertainment Industry. As Mrs. Allen K. Wood, wife of the Executive Supervisor of Production for the Mirisch Company, she was on location shoots for "Some Like It Hot," "The Magnificent Seven," "West Side Story," "The Apartment," and others, attended Oscar Awards festivities, film premieres, Industry dinners and charity balls.

As a community leader in Los Angeles cultural and civic circles, Wood kept busy specializing in public relations for non-profit organizations such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliates, Assistance League of Southern California and California Women In Chambers Of Commerce. Following the death of her husband, she opened a Literary Talent Agency in Beverly Hills and, as a member of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, she served on nine Blue Ribbon Emmy Awards Panels.

Upon retiring to Winter Park, Florida, as a film industry consultant, she was active in bringing judges and celebrity guests including Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Rod Steiger and Diane Ladd to four of the internationally recognized Florida Film Festivals. Currently a member of the National Museum of Women In The Arts, Florida Women Artists Association, World Affairs Council of Central Florida, and Annie Russell Theatre Guild of Rollins Liberal Arts College, Ms. Wood served a four-year appointed term on the Governor's Advisory Council for the Florida Film and Entertainment Industry. However, her interest in the film industry has become peripheral and her focus has shifted.

Ms. Wood has returned to her roots, incorporating a body of work from her lifetime, grateful that she kept much of her earlier efforts. She has come full circle. A new scenario as an artist is an exciting reality and she believes that perhaps her unusual background has been bringing her to this point. The Hollywood influence is manifested in the aura of drama that is an inescapable element of her imagery, more aggressive in her creations as a young woman but still visible as she reveals the sensibilities that age and experience have matured, allowing her natural wit to surface. Now, she is developing and perfecting her unique style which has been described as an exceptional blend of graphic design and fine art technique.
Flirty Black Hat with Flame Hibiscus

Flirty Black Hat with Green Ribbon

Flirty Black Hat With Lavender Lilies

Aqua Teacup

Self-Portrait In The Beginning Of Old Age

Red Hat Is Loved

Five Peaches In Lotus Bowl

Four Peaches In Lotus Bowl

Flirty Black Hat With Ice Pink Lotus

Red Hat on Her Way

Dutch Canal Street

Red Hat is Loved

Red Hat at a Tea Party

The Red Hat

Rose and Golden Thimble

Russet Vase With Copper Cup

Crimson Vase

Flirty Black Hat with Scarlet Roses

Flirty Black Hat with Rose and Roses

Nude In Teal

Portrait Of Charles Bronson

Portrait of Brad Dexter

Portrait Of Robert Vaughn

Sandals At The Beach Too

Sandals In The Desert

Sandals In The Desert Too

Sienna In The Evening

Sienna In The Morning

Sienna In Motion

Tropical Plant #1

Tropical Plant #2

White Teapot With Rose

Flirty Black Hat With Blue Ribbon

Flirty Black Hat With Brandy And Roses

Flirty Black Hat With Cabernet And Roses

Nude In Autumn, October

Nude In Blue

Nude in Rose

Potted Cactus And Fruit

Flirty Black Hat With Yellow Susans

Asian In Tasseled Hat

Malibu Nude

Flirty Black Hat With Burgundy Poppies

Nude In Autumn, September

Flirty Black Hat with Flame Hibiscus
Painting: Casein on Canvas

Figurative in Graphic Design Fine Art

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Height 24" x Width 18"
Year Produced: Unknown
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Inspired by a photo of my mother in 1933. At a Fiesta in Santa Fe?

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