Marcus  Holmes
Sketch Artist Drawing Figurative
Marcus Holmes
Professional Artist

Marcus Holmes is a remarkable modern sketch artist whose fine art takes the pencil to a brilliant new level.

Holmes was born in Salt Lake City, Utah into an artist family. Holmes Father was a celebrated Executive Chef for the Marriott Hotel chain. Travel, fashion and catered events were commonplace when Holmes was growing up. While exposed to this type of art, Holmes mother (an accomplished artist) who graduated from Boston College, was simultaneously teaching Holmes to become a fine artist . She taught him technique such as shading and tricks of the trade in portraiture.

When in grade school, as a former member of the West Orange Art club of Winter Garden Florida, not only was Holmes recognized as a brilliant artist by his teachers, but he was often commissioned to sketch portraits for other students.

"I knew I was going to be a visual artist when kids would always ask me to draw things for them," said Marcus Holmes. ."Since then I have devoted myself to becoming the best artist I can be."

Holmes holds a Bachelor's Degree in the arts and has studied many aspects of visual arts. Early in his career Holmes met and began studying Fine Art marketing under the direction of Curator/ Instructor Andrew Hyder from the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art, Orlando Florida.

"When I became aware of Holmes work I was instantly a fan.," Said Andrew Hyder. "Eventually when I was able to meet Marcus we became great friends. I have had the privilege of teaching him the business aspects of Fine Art, as well as see how collectors positively respond to his artistic voice.

Heavily influenced by music and cartooning techniques he discovered, Holmes current work is an interesting blend of realism set in abstract ways.

Mr. Lee

Scarlet Monroe

Show Girl


Sketch: Pencil on Paper

Young woman who has lost her way

Original Work:
Height 11" x Width 8.5" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2013
Inventory ID MH_0001
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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