Ronda  Richley
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Ronda Richley
Professional Artist

Ronda Richley was born in Dayton, Ohio. As a small child she would watch her artist mother paint and wait for the gift of leftover palette paints. Richley was fascinated by colors and the mixing of the paints. At the young age of 6 years old, Richley had her first serious art lesson: trees. Upon drawing her tree with multiple branches and leafless so you could see the all-important bird in the nest, the teacher told her that she needed to draw a trunk and an oval to make the tree, which she now calls “the lollipop tree.” Richley’s mother, who was a fashion artist, encouraged her to have her own unique voice, and resist the pressure to conform.

In grade school, Richley would draw portraits of her classmates and sell them for a quarter each. By the time she was in junior high, she sold her first commissioned painting, “The Little Match Girl” for $15 at the school art show.

Richley continued her art development and received an early acceptance from the School of Architecture Art and Design at the University of Cincinnati, where she received her BFA in the dual major of Art Education and Painting.

After graduating, Richley taught art at Sinclair Community College, worked as an advertising artist, publication artist and illustrator, opened her own advertising agency and continued to develop as a Fine Artist. She went to graduate school at Miami University in Oxford Ohio as an illustration major.

Richley relocated to Los Angeles where she received a Master’s Degree in Visual Art with a Concentration in Painting at California State University, Northridge. She again taught at the college level, worked as a Victorian Art Reproductionist, and produced her own paintings, which she exhibited in galleries across the United States.

After 12 years of the California art scene, Ronda Richley relocated to Orlando, Florida, where she continued to teach at the college and university levels, worked as a product and fashion designer, and eventually opened her own gallery, where she gave over forty local artists the opportunity to exhibit along side her and several international artists.

Richley's art can be found in public and private galleries and collections across the United States, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and United Kingdom.

"Art: the process of creating which involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of surface, exposing the layers lying beneath by scribing, scraping and overworking of color.

I am "inside the art" during the process but once it is completed, the work becomes an extension of my inner thoughts and essence of my being. It is my lifelong process to expose not only what lies beneath the surface texture of my art but what lies buried deeply within myself." –Ronda

Ronda’s art can be recognized by the layering of paint to create depth in the surface colors, juxtaposition of colors, use of palette knife and scribing into the paint to expose the layers beneath and working on top of the paint surface with drawing media. In her tree paintings, her signature element is a figure (or many) in the trees. Signed “Ronda” without an h.

Recent shows and exhibitions include: Live Art Auctions on nationwide cable television where not only is her artwork featured but she makes guest appearances showcasing international artists 2015, CityArts Factory 2009-2015, Hyder Gallery 2015, Orange County Property Appraisers Office 2015, Aloft Orlando Downtown Hotel 2015, Saint Lawrence Title Company 2015, Nude Nite Orlando 2009, 2014, Art Affair Gallery 2009-2012, James Harper Fine Arts 2008-2013, Gateway Center for the Arts 2010-2014, and more…
Keyboard Bottle

Guitar Bottle

The Castle Keep

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Eden: Fruit of the Vine Wine Bottle Holder

Eden: Watering Vessel #1




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Keyboard Bottle
Sculpture: High Fire Stoneware

Black bottle with white keys spiraling up the bottle. Removable cap.

Original Work:
Height 18" x Width 5" x Depth 5"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID RR_0081
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

Price:  $ 225.00   [ Buy it local ]
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Inspired by music, this work was created as a functional and decorative piece to go in perhaps a music room to to someone just because.

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