Ruth  Bowen
Painting Landscape
Ruth Bowen
Professional Artist.

Born in Barbados Ruth Bowen began painting early, following in the footsteps of her very talented mother.

In her early 20’s, married, she worked alongside he husband whose family owned a large antique and auction business on the island, where with endless hours of research there grew a deep love for the beautiful and exquisitely detailed painting on the fine porcelain pieces.

Many years later and with a change in careers, Bowen, now living in Puerto Rico, discovered a renowned teacher of this beloved form of painting, and under her expert tutelage she soon mastered the art of painting in the styles of Limoges, Meissen, Dresden and Flora Danica.

Now living back stateside she is focused completely on works in Acrylic that often emphasize Caribbean scenery where the strong use of color is indicative of the wonderful light experience there.

“I come by my love of painting honestly as most of the members of my family are talented artists or musicians. I love many forms of impressionistic fine art and being so detailed oriented painting in a blending of the two styles, my work has come to have a unique voice that seems to connect with collectors”.

Now with the excitement of new and fresh subject material this has propelled her to an even broader brand.

She has participated in several juried shows and competitions with several awards to her name.

Bowen’s work hangs in many private collections in Europe, UK US and Caribbean
North Point

River Shanty

Cattlewash Bay Barbados

Down Town Jammin

Crash Boat Beach

Amber Glow in the Wetlands


Sunkissed Homecoming

Beach Bones

Carolina on my mind







Little Bay in Paradise

Rythm of the Rain

Cabin in the hills

Sunset in Sepia

River bend Hideaway

Creek after the storm

Rythm after the Rain

Flamboyant Tree

South End of Harry Smith Beach

Fire in the low country

My Peggys Cove

Mount Dora Boat Houses

Tequila Sunset

Lonely Palm

Italian country side

The Pitons

Bathsheba Beach

Stormy Sunset

Fort in Old San Juan

Laddies Restaurant

Cattlewash Bay Barbados

Heleconias on the Hill

Fishing boats at Tent Bay Barbados

Coming Home

Bay in the Grenedines

Dawn at The Cape

Up the River

Painted Porelain

Early Fall in the evening

Florida Wetlands

Field in the Emerald Isle

Waiting on the catch

Silver Moon

Sailing on a Windy day

Island Lagoon

Bottom Bay

Wet Streets

North Point
Painting: Acrylic on canvas Gallery Wrapped

View of the cliffs with the raging Atlantic of the North coast of Barbados

Original Work:
Height 18" x Width 24"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID RN_0035
This is an original work.
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Artist has always been fascinated by the rugged North Point of Barbados especially when compared the Caribbean side of the island

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