Sharon Rae Hyder
Oil on canvas mixed media Painting Seascape
Sharon Rae Hyder
Professional Artist

Sharon Rae Hyder: My art career started back in the days when homes had old fashioned pull shades at the windows. I looked at these shades longingly thinking that they would make wonderful canvas' to paint on. My parents had observed my youthful talent at drawing and the grades I was getting in primary school so they bought me a small set of oils and one brush. Then my parents decided to get all new blinds and gave these old pull shades to me. I was overjoyed to have rolls and rolls of canvas to practice on.

I continued to paint and draw throughout school and loved high school art classes. Besides oils I delight in ink, pastels, acrylic and charcoals. One class project was a 16"x 20" oil of a lonely palm at age 15 that won the class award. Fifty years later I did another palm 2-1/4' x 3' acrylic, called "Ode to the Palm" as a tribute to my art career. They both hang in my gallery today.

In 1958 I took an art talent test for a correspondence art school and scored an A- This inspired me to go forward with my art. I took every art class available to me. In 1979 - 1984 I taught Art at Volusia County Private School Systems and then from 1984 - 1987 at Wise Independent Private School, both in Daytona Bch, FL.

I Founded "The Artist's Loft Inc." in Wise County VA. This was a school for an introduction to Art techniques, Color, Drawing and Design. I taught Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes. In the summer of 2002 I was Art instructor and set plan designer for the University of Virginia College at Wise. This was a Pro Arts Creative Art Summer Camp. The play "Annie" was presented and for the first time in the 27 year history of the camp the students participated in painting the backdrops and props for the show. I researched, designed and orchestrated the entire stage scenes. It was a grand success.

From January 2010 to October 2011 I shared a studio with my daughter Lori Anne Harris at Gallery on First. We became known as the Mother and Daughter "MAD about Art" team. This experience opened many doors for us. I began teaching at our small studio and gained many students.

My son Andrew Dean Hyder moved to Florida from Minnesota due to his father and my husband's ailing health and this opened yet another door. We put all our talents together and decided to open our own gallery and training center. "Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art". November 5th 2011 was our grand opening.

It is truly a center for education and fun. Classes and workshops are taught on a regular basis. With 5 professional instructors, the Center teaches all the essentials necessary to begin or expand an art career. Instructional courses are given on materials, color, and use of texture, proportion, symmetry and perspective. Artists learn how to conceptually and practically create art that has his/her "voice" (the artist "signature"). The Center also teaches the business of art marketing and creative methods used by some of the most successful modern day artists.

One of the Gallery/Center's chief aims is to discover and foster new local talent and propel them into the art scene. To that end, the focus of the Gallery's exhibition will be on the raw talent found in work submitted, not necessarily on an artist's resume or historical success.

I would like to add that although I obtained degrees in Business, Accounting and Finance and still run a small Accounting Practice my love of the Arts has always been a part of my life. "To teach my love of art to others is a heartwarming and rewarding effort, and to have my paintings, murals and sketches owned and loved by many throughout the years makes me very proud".
Flower-lined Window

Hydrangeas in Acrylic

Georgous Grapes

White Tiger Eye ACWG

Bright Beach

Arizona Vista 2

Peaceful Morning Marsh

My Natulas

Arizona Yucca

Mountain Memories

Little Boats in the Lagoon

Costa Rico Beauty

The Bathtub

Aspens and Flowers

Baby Owl


Luk Chai  (A mothers Love)

Luk Chai  (A mothers Love) prints

Bon Appetit

Dragon Fly in the Grass

Mangrove Study

Ponce Inlet at dawn


Colorful Koi ACWG

Moon Ship  ACWG

After the Storm, Queen Palms

Red Moon Ship

So You Think That

Cone Flower ACWG


Afternoon Break

Purple Flowers in a Yellow Vase

FLorida Wetlands

Dakota, the service dog in training.

California Mountains

Hawaii Dreaming

Timothy Turtle


Purple Daisies

West Virginia Dreaming

Laughing Leaves

Cherry Blossoms in the Moon

Hunting for Mom...

Dream Buck.

Giraffe Alone at Dusk

The Frog and the Fly

Wine and Cheese Corkboard

Solid Walnut Framed Corkboard

Orca Migration


St Croix Cottage

Colorado Beautiful

Bumble Bee 2


Aquatic Turbulence

Happy Zebra

Driftwood Beach

The Grand Tetons

Hidden Peruvian Waterfall

Beach Day II

Love Birds

The Wolf

When the Sun Goes Down.

Kitty in a Flower Pot

Mr Spider

Dr. Seuss Flowers II

The Little Boy With Frogs in His Pockets

Honestly,  It wasn

Humming Bird in the Morning

Dinner in the Surf.

Dr. Seuss Flowers III

Owl in the Night.

Hoot Hoot!

Yellow and Purple Sushi Fish

Dragon Fly II

Poor Old Duke

Orchids from the Fire

Dr. Suess

Mr. Frog

The Glowing Tower

The Aurora Borealis

Red Sky in Morning

Mr. Scorpion

Driftwood Framed Beach

Found Wood Framed Beach

Wetlands of Florida II

Look for the Lighthouse in the Storm

Morning Mist over the Smokey Mountains

Midnight in Paris

Bridge Across the Gorge

Rubber Tree on the Kaanapali Coast Maui


St George Botanical Garden

Arizona Vista II

Serious Swimmers II

The Wave

Ostrich Ostracism


Dawn at Ponce Inlet

Wonderful White Flower

Lavender Lovelies

Monroe Morning Brilliance.


Hippocanthus Erectus

Pretty Pear

Old Jerusalem Doors

The Majestic Eagle

Dew Drops in the Garden

Uncle Reeses Roses

Fall in Love With Namibia

Green Sea Turtle

Serious Swimming

Out for a Voyage

Three Boats

Rooster ACWG

Another Starry Night

Lost At Sea

Commissioned Nude

South Beach Life Guard Station

Majestic Manitou Springs Colorado


California Here I Come....

Sea of Grass

India Ink Cockroach

The Regal Eagle

Florida Black Bear


Southwest Sunset

Kitty Warming Himself

Tequila Sunrise ACWG

Purple Lion Love

Night Fall Palm

Turtle and Shells

Violet Water Lilly


Bumble Bee One

The Little Boat in the Bay

Winter Blue Jay

Here Kitty Kitty!

My Colorful Nautilus

Puppy Love

Tennessee Barn in the Fall Colors

Sunset Cay (key)

Orange Flowers


Ocean Waves

Purple Plumage

Bear in the Backyard

Islands in the Breeze


Arizona River High Desert

Bunny Mural


Fresh Flavorful Fruits

Grandpas corn and Grandmas vine.


The Pinnacles of California

Feral Cat

Abstract in Warm


Reflections of Blue

Cascading  Flowers in Blue


Majestic Palms at Sunset

The Wise Old Owl

Seagull with an Attitude

Parrot Beach

One Last Catch

Birthing Ground

Dr. Suess Flowers

The Wreathed Cowboy

The Birth of the Universe

 Abstract in Cool

Monkey Chip


Kitty in Grandpas Hat

Commissioned Abstract Dripping Color

Georgia Shoreline

Palm Tree Sunset


Ode to the Palm

Anasazi Indian Ruins


Out to Sea

Undersea Creature

Midnight Tide

The Sea Turtles Life

Brief Glimpse  of The Moon

Hurricane Watch

Beach of Palms

Beach of Palms 2

Walnut on Walnut



Startled Kitty

Flower and Lemon

Chianti and Corks

Blue Herron on the Beach

Lizard Pot and Peppers ACWG

Philodendron Spadix

The Kiss

Yellow Hibiscus

One Last Bite

Falling Flowers in Red

Sunset at the Keys

Bon Appetit

Commissioned Seascape

Sweetheart Sunset

Red Amaryllis

Golden Gate Silhouette

A Dish of Daisies

Pastel Puppy

Crater Lake ACWG

Crater Lake II

The Rooster

Orange Fish in the Corals

Three Boats 1


South Beach Hurricane Watch





Symphony in Red #2

Little Barn in the Valley of theTetons

Portrait of a Pensive Cat

Three Palms at Sunset ACWG

Three Palms

Hydrangeas ACWG

Cold Winter Night

Water Lily in the Moonlight.

Heron Dance

Beauty in a Simple Daisy ACWG

Waves on the Rocks

Lightning on the City

Appalachian Mountain Bears

South American Hidden Waterfall

Beach Day ACWG


India Ink Butterfly

Emerald Sea  ACWG

The Flood of Noahs Day

Hummingbird for Lloy

The Eternal Sunset

Purple Lion on Gold

Lizard Pot and Peppers #2

St Croix

Alaska Polar Bears in the Midnight Sun

Cork Board

DeLand Mural

Mr Froggie

Moma Cat ...  Watches.

The Coast of Maine

Orchids of Another Color..

Rockets in Flight

Grape vine mural

Grape vine mural (More Pictures) 2

Grape vine mural (More Pictures)

Sharons Puppys

Spider Lilies

Turquoise Silhouette ACWG

Red Sky at Night

A Bee

Spotted Trout


When the Cows Come Home

Alaska Lake  (3,000,000 unnamed)

Dragon Fly


Dangers Beneath

Flower-lined Window
Painting: Watercolor

Window with flowers and vines. Matted and framed.

Original Work:
Height 8" x Width 10"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID SH_0235
This is an original work.
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