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Valen Amaris
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From southern Indiana, Valen Amaris is an American artist who sees the world from a unique perspective. Alcohol inks and exotic application methods have become a trademark of her work. Largely influenced by her philosophy on life, her work is an up close representation of what she calls "a bigger picture".

"My work brings into focus what is often overlooked. Sometimes the simple subtleties say the most, said Amaris. "My work takes a piece of the greater picture and brings it into focus." Detail oriented and with what seems like exhaustively high standards for her creations, her work is truly unique.

Amaris says she is fascinated with how people form impressions of her work. Specifically because when viewed from different angles, the works seem to change. The patterns and colors reveal the evolving material texture and the precision of the artist’s hand. Each piece seems to imply a diverse mixture of emotions, experiences, and perspectives and all of it is portrayed in subtle complexities and contrasts of vibrant color pallets.

Amaris also related, "I want my work to invoke a positive internal experience to those who consider it. My philosophy is that life should be lived and if you have learned to enjoy the little things in life, then you will most likely appreciate my work.

Most of Amaris originals are remarkably small, being 4x6 inches typically, however most of her limited edition prints are considerably larger. This is an interesting irony considering that the philosophy behind the work is to take something typically vague or overlooked and bring it to the forefront.

As a child growing up in Southern Indiana, Amaris was taught the fundamentals of drawing and was heavily influenced by her father who was an accomplished cartoonist. Today, Amaris works are increasingly being collected and shown in fine art galleries.

Burnt Orange on Blue #1

Life in Motion: PAUSED

Tissue Roses

Alter Ego

Painting: Alcohol ink on Yupo photo paper

Energetic blend of the visible light spectrum.

Original Work:
Height 4.3" x Width 5.5"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID VA_0003
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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Inspired by an art and craft session with her daughter, Viani, ROY G BIV was created to highlight the beauty of her daughters love for rainbows.

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