Vernon  Dickerson
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Vernon Dickerson
Professional Artist

Vernon Dickerson is a contemporary abstract artist. Each of Dickerson's pieces center around a central theme, a desire to either escape from or fight the system norms. Born with a passion for artistic expression, Dickerson had to abandon this drive to paint, to fit into the norms thrust upon him. After earning a bachelor's and master's degree in preparation for the traditional workforce, Dickerson returned to art to express his frustration. The result has been paintings that seem to express a feeling of "fight or flight" from society's expectations. Dickerson's work seems to intentionally challenge what is normally acceptable a person's path in life.

"Personal freedom to follow your own life path is very important to me. This is what drives my work", said Dickerson. "I had to fight for my personal freedom and I, with my work, encourage discussion and examination of this important topic".

Dickerson's work has been shown in the Orlando Museum of Art and the Downtown Orlando Arts Factory among others. His work is in many private residences across the U.S. and in several public collections like True Serenity of Orlando and he has been featured in galleries such as the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art.

"I see my collectors really connecting with the work of Vernon Dickerson", said Andrew Hyder, Curator of the Hyder Gallery. "His work tells a story that is normally hard to tell with fine art. We are very excited to represent Mr. Dickerson and his progressive works".

Rebel 3

Rebel 2

Power 3

If 6 Was 9


Rebel 4

Inner Strength

The Courage to Speak

Horizon 3


Horizon 2

Horizon 1

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Clenched hand over black, red and gold

Original Work:
Height 30" x Width 24" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID VD_0006
This is an original work.
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This piece symbolizes strength through chaos and norms

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