William P. DeMent
Fabric imprressions Mosaic Impressionism
William P. DeMent was born in a small town in Kansas and was raised in the suburbs of Kansas City Mo. until his family moved to Mississippi when he was 13.
His parents were both artists in their own right, his father was a master leather craftsman and his mother was a painter, stained glass sculptor and a creator of elaborate, hand sewn, quilts.
After serving in the U.S. Navy, Paul returned to Mississippi where he found occasional opportunity to work as a freelance artist for a local advertising agency as well as designing and painting several signs and wall murals for local businesses.
He relocated to Central Florida in 1985 where he met his wife and raised 2 wonderful children.
He has worked in many mediums from oils, acrylics and water color to pencils and paper sculpting to name a few. He also spent time on a series of sci-fi /fantasy illustrations looking for a way to establish his own voice in the art community.
"I bounced around using all the basic methods trying to find that "wow" factor in my art and found it by chance in a most unexpected way."

About Fabric Impression.
"My mother gifted me with a 12"x12" picture of a frog that she had made using different pieces of colored cloth instead of paint as the medium. I knew then I had found my muse."
Starting with the basic idea his mother had used, Paul worked to creat and perfect his own technique and has named his process Fabric Impression.
"I don't know of anyone that has used this technique to create works of art to the extent that I have. I love the ability to express myself in such a unique way."

Paul is a former member of the Osceola Center for the Arts, Art in public places, and has taught classes in holiday crafting and paper sculpting throughout the Osceola County public library system as well as a beginners course in fabric impression. He has also won awards in the National Arts Program, winning a third and a second place title in consecutive years with his fabric work.
 Good Neighbors

Bright Street

Rustic Setting

 Evening Stroll

 Storm Surge

Green Falls

Gone fishing

Real Cowboys

Dancing Unicorn

Parrots Path

Night Palms

Pelican Bay

Good Neighbors
Fabric Impressions: :  Fabric Bas-Relief

Outlook from porch to island across tropical seas

Original Work:
Height 16" x Width 20"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID WD_0006
This is an original work.
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I love to do sandy beaches, the flowers in the lattice and railing was delightful challenge

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