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Path to McKinley

Sunset Over Bimini

First Peaks


Top of the Range

Chugach Mountains

Pastels in Motion

Bands of Blur

Low Tide

Nenana River

Popeyes Yacht Club

The Tundra of Northern Denali

Riverview Hotel

Flagler and Pine

New Smyrna North Beach

Path to McKinley
Fine Art Photography: Canvas Print

Aerial shot of a glacier on the way to Mt. McKinley. Printed by the photographer on museum quality canvas, then stretched on a hand made stretcher. First Edition

Original Work:
Height 17" x Width 25" x Depth 1.2"
Year Produced: 2012
Inventory ID CC_0011
This is an original work.
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On a trip to Alaska, my wife and I took a photo flight around Mt. McKinley. That early morn, the weather was very bleak and disappointing with heavy overcast. As we approached the base of the mountains, the closer we got the worse it got. I was beginning to worry about a major expenditure with no photos to show for it so I started snapping shots of anything I could see which was not much. The pilot was forced to fly under the clouds as he followed a glacier into the mountain range. Since we were flying under the clouds and the glacier was increasing in altitude, the distance between the ground and us was diminishing. As we got closer to the ground we were able to see huge boulders that originally appeared as rocks. We both realized how our depth perception was so maladjusted to the reality of it. The clouds continued to get thicker with every passing second as water droplets were streaking across the windows. I couldnt tell if it was the dampness of the clouds or actual rain. The colors were very striking and I mentioned this to the pilot. He said, The colors (of which I thought were from the soil) are from the ground vegetation. The blue berry bush has a very distinct brown and maroon color.

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