Charles  Michael
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Charles Michael
Professional Artist Biography

A Painter of Illustrative Impressionism

His friends call him Charlie. Charlie has been creating art from the age of four. In his younger years, he was often found drawing cartoon characters, and aspired to be an animator for Disney. As fate would have it, most of the animation would turn to the digital side. Having a love for traditional art, Charlie kept doing cartoon characters, but found a new passion in the form of theater.

Charlie was determined to pursue a career in acting and singing, but something happened that would change his goals forever. One of Charlie's classes was exchanged due to a full class. In his junior year of college, Charlie took his first ever painting class. From there, he found his true passion.

Charlie went on to graduate from Wagner College in New York City with a Major GPA of 3.9 for Painting with a Concentration in Illustration. After graduating college, Charlie struggled to find a job in the big city that he loved. Three months later, he took a trip to Florida with his sister. On an impulse, the two moved into an apartment there. For a short while, Charlie struggled with his art. But that was about to change.

Nine months after living in Florida, Charlie was hired at a local Art Gallery. From there, he began to meet and befriend many world renowned artists- including Rodel Gonzalez, James Coleman, Jim Warren and Walfrido Garcia. These friendships grew into lessons, and tutelage from Rodel himself.

After years of learning formally and through the experience of Living Masters, Charlie developed an amalgoration of techniques in which he added his own twist. The result- Illustrative Impressionism.

"My hope in this life is to create a feeling within the viewer that no other can. A sense of life, color and lines that brings joy to the painting's owner. "
Feudal Beauty


Multnomah Falls

A Hint of Fall

Feudal Beauty
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Price Includes Framing

Original Work:
Height 14" x Width 18"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID CM_0003
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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Visiting Japan is a personal goal of mine. Everything about traditional Japanese culture enthralls me. The castles in Kyoto are just stunning, and the ever gorgeous cherry blossoms have always appealed to the world. The warm glow of the sun sets this country apart from the rest for me.

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