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Dillon "Dill" George
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Born in Melbourne, Florida USA, Dillon "Dill" George spent much of his youth indulging in as many artistic mediums as possible. George was constantly drawing, however he aspired for more than just a cartoon or a doodle. Sculpting seemed to be what he gravitated to and what compelled him the most. In his high school career he took every sculpture class available. When the school took notice of his natural skill and talent, they authorized George to make new assignments for the school and sculpture curriculum classes under him. George continued to return to the school after graduation to assist the instructors in the classroom. Today his lessons and methodologies are still being used in those classes. These experiences and opportunities, really propelled George as a sculptor.

Inspired by the taper and sway of lines in Nouveau design as well as the mystical noir of adventure games, his sculpture work has been starkly and stylistically influenced.

"In my work, I aspire for the boldness of Alphonse Mucha, the mysticism or Yoshitaka Amano and the grandeur of Albrecht Durer", said George. "My admiration for these spectacular artists challenged me to bring the thoughts they inspired into the round."

Upon finishing his first college degree, George was accepted and attended Savannah College of Art and Design. With his exposure to so many artists from around the world and their styles, he was able to better find his own voice and how his work fit into the world of fine art. George then began to collect patrons and supporters of his work. The commissioned projects ranged from a ten foot mural painting to creating cement statues.

As George began production of his work, he taught himself the mold making process with the help of the internet as an invaluable resource, along with resources he could find available in Orlando.

Today, the themes of George’s work focus on addressing negative insecurities that sometimes plague mental health and the culture that surrounds it. "Many cultures use masks as reflections of the 'self' and use them symbolically to project emotions." said George. "This use of masks has been part of ancient rituals for thousands of years. By projecting emotions onto something corporeal you can gain perspective and scale to begin a healing."

Masks and what they represent, have become George's primary aspiration. His work can be found in a growing number of fine art galleries around the USA.
Self portrait bust

Pearl Mouth


Self portrait bust
Sculpture: Ceramic

Portrait bust in clay.

Original Work:
Height 15" x Width 10" x Depth 10"
Year Produced: 2015
Inventory ID DG_0002
This is an original work.
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Self Portrait bust.

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