Faye  Tambrino
Watercolors Painting Floral
Professional Artist
Wilting Away

Laughing Lily

Orchids in Sunshine

Cactus Flower

Double Hibiscus

Split Rock Lighthouse

Enchanted Forest

Farm Landscape #7

Floating Floral

Blue Blossom


Ellies Concert

Epcot Italiano

Among the Leaves

Night Flower

Night Flower

Genesis 1:6

Camellia Glory

Italian Bridge scene

Wet Transport

Farm in Winter

Snug Harbor

Floral Dance

Wilting Away
Painting: Watercolor

Semi-abstract floral in greens and violets.

Original Work:
Height 20" x Width 16"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID FT_0166
This is an original work.
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Inspired by the nature of watercolor as an idea generator. This painting was shown in the 2010 Central Florida Watercolor member show at the Crealde Gallery in Winter Park.

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