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Gladys Caughel
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Gladys Caughel loves to paint...especially with intense color. When people see her work, they tend to comment on the vibrant and clever use of colors. Many years ago, Caughel was trained by a decorative painter. After taking some oil painting classes, she fell in love with oils and acrylics on canvas. She has been influenced by many of the great contemporary artists.

Caughel won the 16th Annual Taste of Oviedo poster contest in 2010 and also the 2nd Annual Geneva Founders Day poster contest in 2012. The printer of that resulting poster entered it into the Florida Printer's Assoc. contest and it won 2nd place in Florida. Caughel is co chairman and co founder of the Palm Valley community art club in Oviedo Florida. She has won 2 of their poster contests out of the last 3 years. She is active in art events in the Central Florida area. You can find her at the Oviedo Great Day in the Country every November. She is currently represented by fine art galleries such as the Hyder Fine Art Gallery in Orlando and is represented in the Serenity Center's P.E.A.C.E. Artisan Market in Winter Springs, FL.

"Given my love of a challenge and my varied interests, it is difficult to narrow down my work to one genre", said Caughel.

As a means of artistic expression, Caughel tends to find inspiration in everything whether it be a landscape, seascape, skyscape or a person, animal, or flower. When she paints a skyscape, she remembers her dad talking about the sky-blue pink of her Minnesota childhood. This color sky tends to find it's way into many of her paintings in honor of her father. Caughel enjoys sharing her passion for painting and rarely does the sun set on a day when she hasn't picked up her paintbrush.

Walking Sera

Horace the Heron

Copper Sunset and Boats

Tahitian Red Boat

Lighthouse Life

Fantasy Lighthouse Life

Villa Del Mar


Swamp Sentinel

Gold Finch Looking Right with Flowers

Ryan the Recycled Rooster

Tropical Beach

Sunset Over Stormy Water

Horse Talk

Lighthouse Life

Lighthouse Living 1

Walking Sera
Painting: Acrylic on canvas

Painting of a 1920's high society lady with her poodle on a pearl leash.

Original Work:
Height 24" x Width 18"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID GC_0013
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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I did this painting in honor of our friend Sarah who bequeathed me all of her painting materials and reference books. I love the haughty look of days gone by. Look closely at the textures of her clothing and the drapery. You can feel the velvet with your eyes.

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