Jo Cobean Simonini
Painter Painting Surrealism
•Taking a roundabout approach to becoming a professional artist, Jo Simonini studied Interior Design in college, graduating from the University of Florida, College of Architecture and Fine Arts. Drawing architectural elevations and interior renderings honed her perspective, shading, and coloring skills. Time honed her desire to paint professionally! After dabbling in watercolor, pencil, pastels, and oils, she ultimately discovered that acrylics were the best fit for her developing style of painting.
•In her travels Jo developed an affinity for nature, animals, and people of different nationalities. She paints a variety of subjects on traditional flat canvas, but specializes in paintings on a more sculpture-like “tropical” canvas – Queen Palm pods. Ms. Simonini was drawn to the organic and elegant form of these Queen Palm pods, and living in Florida found an abundance readily available . Even though the natural palm pod surfaces are challenging to paint on, they offer a long and narrow "nature canvas", each one different in color, shape, length, and striation. Jo then combined her interest in portraiture and wildlife with the palm pods and a new manner of expression was born. The results are Simonini's "Long Necked Ladies" and "The Long and Tall of Audubon", her two trademark Queen Palm pod series. “I am thrilled to be creating paintings that draw so much curiosity and positive comments from viewers."
•Jo feels fortunate to be classically trained under master painters, whom have played a significant role in her artistic growth and endeavors. Her works have been donated to several charities and on display in a variety of venues in Central Florida including Hyder Gallery, Sanford Welcome Center, Sanford Flower Shop and Green Circle Gallery in Cocoa Village. She has been honored with distinctions of winning the People's Choice and Judges Choice Awards at the Historic Sanford Welcome Center's Art Walk Show and the Featured Artist at Florida Hospital Altamonte's Art of Healing Exhibit.

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NOTE: The Queen Palm Pod paintings are one-of-a-kind works and therefore best viewed in person in order to truly and fully appreciate each individual painting. As organic canvases with varying sculptural nuances, each pod, and therefore each painting, has a unique character that cannot necessarily be seen in the photos of the pods.)


Riding the Wave

Facing the Wind


Gleaming Surf

Boys with their Boards




Great Green


Colors of Great Blue

Joyful Sandhill

Curious Baby

Eye Full

Birds of Paradise






Gentry B.



Seaside Wading & Waiting






Mr. Beaujangles

Amazing Original


Summers Burn





Bailey Rae




Great Blue, Blue

Dancing Flamingos

Great Blue at Dawn

Flamingo Joe and Rosario

Purple Sky White Heron

Beak Girl

Alex Eyes


Lookin Good

Movin On

Luis and Linda

Blue on Rouge


Prince of the Pier

White Heron

Beak Boy


Great Green

Diving for Dinner

Star of the Surf

Soaring Seagulls

Everglades Sea of Sawgrass

Mangrove Escape

Island Queens

Hootie Cutie

Meadow Lace

Hazy Days

Calgone Cameo

South Beach Color Guard

South Beach Pink Guard

Amazing Print Unframed

Amazing, Print Framed

Heron Love

Sharlise (Original Sold)
Painting: Acrylic on Queen Palm Pod

A striking photographic image of the beautiful actress, Charlise Theron, immediately drew my attention. Her overall sleekness was perfect for a Queen Palm Pod painting. Her liquid green eyes, and challenging expression, posing in a rich, gold flecked, high-necked gown, only needed to be made less formal by adding some buoyancy to her hair. Ive been told the face in the painting is captivating, and that my Sharlise is mesmerizing. My hope is that now many others also find her as intriguing a subject as I did.

Original Work:
Height 66" x Width 10" x Depth 6"
Year Produced: 2013
Inventory ID JS_1329
This is an original work.
Showing: Sold (public)

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On loan from the Private Collection of Barbara and Wesley McRae

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