Katherine  Machara
Oil Painting Painting Portrait
Katherine Machara
Professional Artist

Katherine Machara began painting in 1978. With a strong confidence in her abilities she simply 'started painting' and never looked back.

Her first painting shocked those who saw it, because it was a very ambitious portrait, executed however, with the skill and the vision of an experienced artist.

Today Machara is most noted for her thought provoking portraiture paintings. Machara's work focuses on people, faces and telling the stories behind them. She often captures the nuances of emotion and expression in a way that tells an interesting story.

It is intriguing to watch Machara paint. Her obsession with mixing her own colors from primary colors in fascinating. It's as if she refuses to settle for tube colors. She calls first brush strokes "mistakes", then she works with them long enough turn them into the key elements for her masterpieces.

"I always felt like I could paint, even before I started painting," said Machara. "After I started, I never felt more joyous, however nothing is more frighting than an empty canvas. Sometimes I paint for fun, and sometimes I paint for a serious work outcome. However, regardless of what I am painting, I feel like I have an obligation to develope the abilities hat were given to me."

Born in Pennsylvania USA, Machara, like her father, was fond of sketching. As a girl, she sketched friends and family and even did a few still lifes. Machara had such a reverence for the Master Artists, that despite her gift, she was hesitant to call herself an 'artist' because it was a "hallowed thing".However she had a voice that demanded expression.

Now living in Orlando, Machara regularly explores new techniques to express her voice. She has been known to use beach sand and other materials in her paint to add texture. Machara regularly shows her work in fine art galleries, and is a member of the Orlando museum of art.

Notable quotes: "From the first time, I saw a Katherine Machara work, I fell in love with the stories they tell. I am happy that her work has the same effect on our collectors," said Andrew Hyder - Curator, Hyder Gallery Center of Fine Art - Sanford Florida.

The Pub

Little Cabbage Girl

Family Portrait

Young Clint


The Joker

Butterfly Fairy



Painting: Oil on framed canvas

A portrait of the iconic actor Mel Gibson.

Original Work:
Height 20" x Width 16"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID KM_0009
This is an original work.
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