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Kim  Hill Goddette
Acrylic Pour Paintings Painting Expressionist
Kim Hill-Goddette
Professional Artist

Kim Hill-Goddette is a visual artist specializing in acrylic abstract paintings. Goddette was born in Wood County, Ohio and grew up in Adrian, Michigan. Goddette's works are most closely associated with Expressionism and Modern art, yet originally influenced by nature and the farm country of her youth. Goddette studied art in high school, through various independent studies and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Siena Heights University.

Goddette has exhibited and sold her works at various venues such as the Adrian Center for Creative Development, Croswell Opera House Gallery, Affirmations Pittmann-Puckett Gallery and Just-4-Us Gallery. Typically referred to by collectors as "joyful colors", the attention to color interactions in her work creates interesting compositions which engage the viewer to look, examine, and "enjoy".

Goddette was named "Central Florida Artist of the Week" the third week of September 2018, by Ed Herbst, President of the Associates of the Orlando Museum of Art.

"I use a seemingly chaotic whirling effect in my work", said Goddette. "I enjoy moving the viewers eye around my paintings with this technique. I welcome the energy and emotions my work seems to stir in the viewer from calm to focused energy."

"Vortex of energy" and an "apex form", are words collectors seem to use to describe her engaging representation of landscapes, seascapes, and spacescapes. Her work reflects a unique appreciation for the combinations of nature and space, using sensitivity to color, movement, and texture to create dynamic compositions.

Additionally, she has pioneered her own method of "fluid pour" technique which results in interesting colors, cell forms, and striations.

Typically viewers come to various interpretations of her work and as such she, in many instances prefers to leave the works untitled.

Goddette, has studied the work of Wassily Kandinsky, for the lyrical and linear qualities, and Gerhard Richert for the color combinations, patterns, and texture.

Today, Goddette is expanding her gallery representation across America.
Untitled (#0120)

Twin Flames 1


Scape Verde

Untitled - Red Line 2

Untitled - Red Line 1


We Have Ignition 1

Nefertiti Awakens

Vortex 2

Apex 2

Untitled (#0137)

My Heart (#0134)

Carnival I

Vortex B

Untitled - Red Line 3

We Have Ignition 2

Antarctica 1

Ocean Study 1


Untitled Blue (#0133)

Untitled (#0122)

Sailing 2

Untitled (#0125)

Mystical Night

Triptych  (#50B)

 Triptych #3 of 3 (#50C)


Moon View From Ocean Depths

Untitled Triptych (#50A)

Carnival II

Red Shift

Untitled City (#0136)

Sanford Riverwalk

Blue Abyss


Apex 3

Dreaming Bears

The River Styx

Untitled (#0120)
Painting, Mixed Media: Acrylic, Graphite, Charcoal on Canvas

Boxed and rectangular shapes with predominant colors of blue, white, orange.

Original Work:
Height 36" x Width 48" x Depth 2"
Year Produced: 2018
Inventory ID KH_0120
This is an original work.
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This is an original acrylic painting, with some graphic and charcoal, on canvas, 2 gallery wrapped. The view is as though looking out a stained glass window to an outdoor scene including mountains and snow. It gives a sense of looking out onto the range before heading out to the ski runs. Or perhaps one has just returned to the lodge from skiing and is enjoying a warm, crackling fire, with the flames reflecting off the glass of the window. Find in it what you will and enjoy it.

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