Maggie  Rodriguez
Painting Impressionism
Raised in Puerto Rico, Margaret Rodriguez was surrounded by arts of all kinds, colors, music, and all sorts of sensory effects. It was her move to New York, and its art scene that truly inspired her. "At every turn, I wanted to capture the things I saw, so I started drawing and painting people I saw playing instruments on a subway platforms. I even took 'art classes' from street artists".

Blending her of Puerto Rico/New York influences, Margaret began experimenting with bold and clever use of color in her work. Exploring with different mediums her voice has as emerged clearly. Inspired by traditional and abstract art, with a "what feels right in the moment" technique, her paintings express this passion in an effort to invoke similar feelings with her collectors. "I like seeing the expression on people's faces when they look at my work".
Two Women with Earrings

Six Trees

Snow Trees





Two Women with Earrings
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Two ethnic looking women with earrings and holding pots over their heads.

Original Work:
Height 24" x Width 12"
Year Produced: 2011
Inventory ID MR_0002
This is an original work.
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Price:  $ 300.00   [ Buy it local ]
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Early Paintings.

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