Reg  Garner
Painting Photography Environmental
Reg Garner - Photographer
Sanford, Florida

Reg enjoys shooting a wide range of photography however his real passion is fine art landscape photography, specifically Florida landscapes. He was born in Sanford, Florida and a fifth-generation native Floridian. Garner grew up on the St Johns River fishing hunting and camping. Garner can usually be found on weekends wading through a cypress swamp, or some other remote area of his home state with his tripod and camera bag. Garner loves to share the natural beauty he see thru his lens of places that others that may never venture to.

Reg learned the basics of photography from his father. It was my Dad, also a photographer, that instilled in me this love to capture a "moment in time" (then on film) and see the concealed latent image manifest into a magnificent print under the hue of a red safe-light and smell of developer. Even though I miss the of the analog darkroom of old, there is no question that the "digital darkroom" offers even more creativity and opportunities than ever before.

Garner has been fortunate to embrace and understand digital technology thru his career in commercial printing and large-format printing technology. His "day job" for the past 35 years is working in his family's business. There, he produces very large murals and displays on printing devices up to 16 feet wide. Garner is a past-president of the Orlando Camera Club and on the board of the Professional Photographer's Society of Central Florida. He believes in giving back to the community and is involved in several charity organizations where he gives his photographic talents.

Garner's personal project for 2012 is traveling to remote areas of Florida in his teardrop camper capturing "The Real Florida".

Work Displayed

Hyder Gallery - Sanford, Florida

Fine art landscapes and panoramics, beautifully framed.

White Cup Cafe - Sanford, Florida
A collection of fashion models printed directly on ceiling tiles and displayed on the ceiling.

Central Florida Regional Hospital - Sanford, FL
Collection of 20 large images of Sanford area and St Johns River displayed in lobby and corridors of the hospital.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
His image was selected from an international photo competition and was displayed in Washington, DC from Nov - April 2009.

Nature's Best Photography Magazine.
Image was featured in the magazine's Fall 2008 issue.

Albin Polasek Museum - Winter Park, FL.
Exhibit - Celebrating Central Florida Photographers 2009
Florida Overseas Railway

Lone Tree

Key Lime Factory

Sailboats in Fog

Rainbow in Desert

Palms in Fog

Florida Overseas Railway
Limited Edition Photography: Photographic image printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper second surface mounted to acrylic and fl

Bahia Honda Bridge, Florida Keys

Original Work:
Height 29" x Width 58"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID RG_0006
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Originally built by Henry Flagler as part of the Overseas Railroad which was completed in January 1912. It was converted for highway use in 1938. Today, the former bridge provides a scenic overview of the area for tourists (and at least one photographers). Two of the truss spans have been removed in order to facilitate boat traffic. The bridge has fallen into a state of disrepair and signs have been posted on the bridge warning boat traffic to watch for falling debris.

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