Renee Schwadron Lewis
Painter Photography Conceptual
Renee Schwadron Lewis
Professional Artist Biography

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Renee Schwadron Lewis always loved the combination of texture and color. The confluence of cultures in New York City was especially an influential part of her life. Lewis received a B.F.A. in Fabric Design from the The School of Art at Syracuse University. As part of the University's Foreign Studies Program she studied Art History in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In her focus on fabric design (which included silk screening and weaving), Lewis developed an eye and proficiency with repetitive patterns which continues to be a theme in her current work.

Lewis's current work reflects her inspiration, aesthetic value and sophistication of the Post Impressionists such as Bonnard, Matisse and Lautrec.

"Using primarily color pencils on black paper Lewis's work is bold in stunning colors creating a refreshing look at the lost art of color pencil", Andrew Hyder, Curator the Hyder Gallery, Orlando, Florida.

Lewis is a member of, and has exhibited with, the Color Pencil Society of America, The Hub in New Smyrna Beach, The Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, The Orlando Museum of Art with the Artist's Registry, The Artist's Workshop and City Arts Factory, Orlando, Florida.

"Art can be created in solitude but it must be seen and hopefully appreciated for the creative process to come full circle", stated Lewis.
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Women #8


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Side Table

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Foot Lights
Drawing: Colored Pencil on black paper

Women dancing/Women watching show

Original Work:
Height 15" x Width 22"
Year Produced: 2016
Inventory ID RL_0011
This is an original work.
Showing: All Galleries

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