Svoboda  Holt
Painting Painting Impressionism
Professional Impressionistic Artist-Svoboda is of eastern European descent. Impressionistic flowers, landscapes, and some surrealistic influences predominate her work. Svoboda is a psychotherapist and research scientist in addition to her artistic endeavors. She strives to bring beauty, serenity, nurturance, and peace to each canvas.

"My art is my passion, therapy, and life focus. No energy on earth is as vibrant as my creative energy for me. I find self- healing and hope that others find the same through my work."

The Sunflower II

Kissing Flower

Sunflower V

White and Lavender Flower



Paradise Found

Canna Lily

The Curve, The Split, New Path

Lehkas Lily

Bulgarian Rose


The Sunflower I

Necklace Lilies

Red Rose Lover

Mexican Sunflowers

Close Up and Personal



Sunrise on the River

Appalachian Trail

Lazy River Afternoon

River Sunrise

River Dusk

Flowing River

Raging River

Sunflower III

Poppies on the Trail


Little Flowers

White Rose

Cool Colors Flower

The Sunflower IV

The Sunflower II
Acrylic on Canvas : Painting

A beautiful lone sunflower!

Original Work:
Height 20" x Width 16"
Year Produced: Unknown
Inventory ID SH_0007
This is an original work.
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