Trish  Nappo
Painting Mosaic Still Life
Having an interest in art that continued from childhood to this present day, Trish learned through trial and error how to paint and use tile. Although having no formal training, her desire to try her hand at various forms of art expression revealed that anyone with a desire can accomplish something good.

Her appreciation of the Italian culture and her love of nature is a great influence in her pieces.

The View From the Cape Commissioned

My View of Rome - SOLD

Tropical Leaves  -  SOLD

Garden of Pompeii

FASHION IN GLASS  -  Currently only piece left at Artegon Mall

Weeping Fern in Classic Urn (sold)

Weeping Fern in Classic Urn in White (sold)

Weeping Fern in Classic Urn in Black (SOLD)

Pronto Per Limoncello (sold)

Somewhere in Time

Dramatic Leaves (Sold)

Carciofo (artichoke) sold

 Federico Cesi

Hummingbird for Nana (Sold)

Grapes in Pedistal ~ Commissioned

Italian Table

Uva Viola   (sold)

La Pera Perfetta   (sold)

Promised Bounty (sold)

StorybookGirl  Commissioned

In Season - Pears (sold)

Pompeii Woman  (sold)

Keepsake in Mosaic  Commissioned

HeirloomHarvest Commissioned

Heirloom Harvest - Scroll   commissioned

SandySandwich  Commissioned

AliciasRetreat  Commissioned

Wild Dahlias ~ Commissioned

White Lillies on Blue (Sold)

Arancione (sold)


Cipolle Rosse

Farm Table -  SOLD

OrangesUnearthed - SOLD


The View From the Cape Commissioned
Painting: Acrylic on Tumbled Marble

Neutrals and blues create a relaxing perfect view. Comes backed with mesh for easy installation. Looks stunning when framed with pencil tiles.

Original Work:
Height 12" x Width 20" x Depth 1"
Year Produced: 2010
Inventory ID JS_0044
This is an original work.
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Price:  $ 225.00   [ Buy it local ]
(We ship to a gallery near you)

This IS exactly the spectacular view from Falmouth, Cape Cod, Mass, looking out to the Atlantic. New Englands unique and beautiful coastline is rocky, muted and calming.

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